Burundi’s Gambling Regulations

It is prohibited to engage in any type of gambling in Burundi, according to the Burundian Penal Code 2008, which was reviewed and changed in 2009 and published as the Burundi Penal Code 2009.

However, there are a number of other decrees that provide for a single exemption to the general prohibition: the gambling games offered by the National Lottery, which must be arranged for charitable purposes in order to qualify as such. There is an exemption in the Burundi Penal Code that was granted to the National Lottery of Burundi (Loterie Nationale du Burundi-LONA) in order to have a monopoly on the exploitation of gambling games in Burundi and to sell its goods on the market.

At this time, however, they only provide land-based lotteries and casino games in Burundi, according to the company. Because there are presently no explicit online gambling legislation in Burundi, it is widely accepted that internet gambling in Burundi is prohibited under the country’s Penal Code 2009, which is now in effect. Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to engage in any gambling activities in Burundi, according to the country’s gaming legislation.

Is it legal to gamble on the internet in Burundi?

All kinds of gambling, including land-based casinos and lottery games organized by the National Lottery, are prohibited in Burundi, with the exception of the National Lottery’s land-based casino and lotto games.

Burundi online casinos are available.

Burundi’s Lydia Ludique Burundi Casino is the sole casino in the country, and it has various low-wager slot machines. According to the legislation, the company’s primary goal is to use its revenues to benefit the local community. It also created more than 200 new employment as a result of the creation of its facilities.

Jacques Renard, a French businessman, and the National Lottery of Burundi have partnered to construct Burundi’s first casino, which is jointly controlled by the two parties. In addition to one land-based casino, there are currently no internet casinos operating in Burundi. In general, internet gambling in the nation is seen as falling within the ban on gambling enshrined in the Burundian Penal Code, and as a result, no Burundian online casino licenses have been made available. It is not prohibited for foreign online gambling sites to operate in the Burundian marketplace.

Burundi has legalized online poker.

As of May 2019, online poker sites in Burundi are not permitted to operate. Burundian online poker licenses have not been made available as a result of the absence of appropriate Burundian online poker legislation. Online poker is generally seen as falling within the restriction on gambling included in the Burundian Penal Code, which is generally accepted as being applicable. Online poker sites from other countries, on the other hand, are not barred from entering the Burundi market.

Burundi has launched an online lottery.

It is the National Lottery of Burundi (Loterie Nationale du Burundi, or LONA) that provides the country’s official lottery games. Further strengthening its monopoly on the Burundian market has been achieved by new decrees that ensure its position as the exclusive supplier of gambling games in general in Burundi, according to the company. The online lottery, on the other hand, is still not available in Burundi. Foreign online lottery sites are also not barred from entering the Burundian market, as was the case in the past.

Burundi bingo players may now play online.

In the same way as there are no online gambling sites in other countries, there are also no online bingo sites in Burundi. Considering that there are no particular Burundian online bingo legislation in place at the time of writing, there were no bids for licenses to operate online bingo by the relevant authorities in May 2019. Online bingo is often seen as being within the restriction on gambling included in the Burundian Penal Code, and as such, it is generally prohibited. Foreign online bingo sites are not barred from entering the Burundian market because of government regulations.

Burundi has legalized online sports betting.

As of May 2019, there are no licensed land-based betting establishments in Burundi. In addition, there are no approved online sportsbook sites in Burundi at this time. There are no particular rules regarding internet gambling in the nation, and as a result, no licenses for online betting companies have been issued so far. The number of international online sportsbook sites that cater to Burundian players is large, with the majority of them based in South Africa and other African countries.

Burundi Daily Fantasy Sports is an online daily fantasy sports game.

There is no legal standing for online DFS sites in Burundi, which means they are not controlled by the government. Given the country’s prohibition on online sports betting, it is quite likely that internet Daily Fantasy Sports will not be granted legal recognition in the near future in Burundi.

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