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Welcome to Casino Fiz, an online casino that doesn’t appear to make any sense or have any relevance to anything, from its general concept to its very name. However, does any of this truly matter?

If you ask anybody who has ever gambled money and wasted time on this kind of website, the answer is probably not. Ultimately, you are here for one or maybe two reasons. In a pinch. The first is the opportunity to make money rapidly, and the second is the enjoyment of actually playing a game – the adrenaline, energy, and buzz, if you will.

However, while examining such a website, it is essential to start at the most logical point

— the very beginning. In this situation, you are greeted with a landing page that is unlike the vast majority of ones we have seen. There is no divide between the main picture and the upper menus. In fact, the primary picture is deeply integrated throughout the landing page as a whole. As a consequence, the transitions between the main pictures, which span from Pinocchio to a stunning blonde holding playing cards in front of a roulette wheel, are seamless, and the entire thing seems to be clearly current and extremely contemporary.

These visuals serve as a hint to inform newcomers precisely what they may anticipate after registering an account and completing the necessary steps to visit the real website. Clearly, if you’ve reached this point, a review is unnecessary — you’re already persuaded about creating an account. As a result, we’ll focus on what you can see before to signing up, i.e., the sorts of games you’ll be able to play, the specials and promotions available to attract new members, and any other information we believe you should be aware of. Capiche?

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of the site, it is crucial to understand that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other websites of similar kind on the Internet. So, in the words of a threatening-looking man wearing just a vest and tracksuit pants while striding down the street, “What’s going on here?”

Design-wise, Casino Fiz is unquestionably head and shoulders above the competition. It appears far better than the vast majority of other websites we’ve reviewed, and trust us when we say that we’ve reviewed a great number of websites in the course of this project.

Next, it would be prudent to investigate what occurs when the landing page loads. We’ve discussed the beautiful visuals, but what about the fluctuating jackpot values that correspond to these images? This is a pretty clever little detail, since each corresponds to the specific game being featured in the picture – this allows you to quickly determine which games have the greatest value winners, if you want to go straight for the big money things.

These are followed by a more conventional menu of drop-down selections that correspond to the types of games. There is a respectable variety of game kinds available, and this is likely the next area to investigate. In any case, the likelihood of you registering in the first place if there are no games that pique your interest is small, if not nonexistent. Let’s go then.

A Game for Every Event

Casino Fiz, like many other online casino websites, offers a diverse selection of games. Slot Games are among the most popular, and there are a variety of excellent alternatives available. The 3D slot machines are a kind that we seldom encounter. As strange as it may seem, this is essentially a high-tech spin on the traditional slot machine idea, with video slots ranking similarly in terms of how new and innovative things are.

In addition, there are 3-reel slots to play, which harken back to the golden days of real-life slot machines in pubs and are thus possibly the most classic slots available. These are also fast and rapid to play, which adds to the adrenaline and thrill. Aside from that, you may also find Progressives, which are essentially games in which the jackpot grows as you play and finally you win big (all being well).

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